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Meet Tara, the cat

Meet Tara, the cat

A nice way to decorate your room is hanging an image on the wall.  Or more. Here is my living room on the left, click on the thumb to enlarge the image. I printed the images at Azero and bought some frames from Hornbach, with anti-reflective glass. They look pretty good! Simple, elegant, not very expensive.

You can see below how some of my photographs would look in a real home, on a real wall. If you enjoy what you see and you are interested in decorating your room, just drop me a note, and I’ll give you a quote, as it depends on the photo you want. Anyway, the images are free for the first 5 enquiries and all the close friends!

How would those look in your room?

You can choose any image from my galleries, they are listed at the bottom of the page

Take your time:

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